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Changing locks on a new home is a security measure that has long been recommended. Many home insurance policies will not pay out if an intruder lets themselves in with a key, as generally there must be clear signs of breaking and entering in order for a claim to be valid.

And it’s not just the insurance implications that are worth thinking about – there’s also the fact that you could be putting yourself and your family in danger if you don’t know for sure who else has a key to your property. Even if you completely trust the former owners, there’s no telling how many sets of keys they’ve given to relatives or lost over the years and forgotten about.

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Find Your Local Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood and Home Watch is a voluntary network of schemes where neighbours come together, along with the police and local partners, to build safe and friendly communities across the UK.
The aim of the Neighbourhood Watch is to help and educate communities on how best to protect themselves and their homes from crime, whilst reducing the fear of crime by providing comprehensive information on upgrading home security and improving community spirit by connecting communities with their local Police and local authorities.
The Neighbourhood Watch helps to bring neighbours together in the aim to create strong, friendly and active communities, therefore helping to reduce different types of crime such as burglary and anti-social behaviour.
The Neighbourhood watch are always looking for people to either join a scheme or set one up in their local area. Whether you have a lot of time or only a little you can make a difference in your community…

To find out more about the Neighbourhood Watch and how to join or set up a scheme visit

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